To report any maintenance items or issues with your Dunpark rental property please click here or follow the link below.

Please note that all emergencies should be reported by calling our main telephone number, you will hear our out of hours number on a pre-recorded message and calling the number will get you through to our 24 hour out of hours team.

What defines an Emergency?

An emergency is a situation which is deemed to be dangerous, life-threatening or could result in personal injury, public liability claim and property deterioration.

We can only cover the cost of contractors attending properties out of office hours if the issue is an emergency. We expect our tenants to use common sense when deciding whether an issue in an emergency or not. If a contractor is called out to a property outwith office hours for an issue which is not an emergency, you may be held liable for any costs incurred.

Below are some helpful tips to consider before calling our emergency number. Note: please do not text our emergency number as these are not received, please always call us and leave a voicemail message. Someone will then call you back to discuss the issue in full.


If you smell gas or you suspect a gas appliance is leaking fumes, call the Gas Emergency Services immediately on 0800 111 999 (24 hours). Open all windows and doors and vacate the property if necessary. Do not turn on an electrical appliances or switches or light any naked flames.

Electrical Fault

First, check that no fuses have blown, circuit breakers are in the ‘ON’ position and check that your trip switch has not tripped. If it has, switch of all appliances before resetting. Next, check that the area has not been affected by a general power cut. Check with your neighbours to see if they are experiencing similar power outages. If your neighbours are also experiences power outages, call your local Electricity Network Operator’s 24 Hour Emergency Helpline. Scottish Power Energy Networks – 0800 092 9290 (landline) or 0330 1010 222 (mobile). If the fault is isolated to your property and you have gone through all the steps, call our emergency number.

Heating & Hot Water

Whilst it is a inconvenience to be without hot water and heating, it is only deemed and emergency in extremely cold weather conditions or if there are young children, elderly or vulnerable people in the property. If you are having issues with your gas boiler, first check to see if the pilot light is on and, if you have a combination-boiler, check that the pressure is set between 1 and 2. The instruction manual will tell you how to re-light the pilot light and re-set the pressure. The internet has a wide range of manuals available if you can’t find yours in your property, just search for the boiler make and model.

Water Ingress and Leaks

As soon as you notice a leak, put a bucket or suitably sized container underneath the leak to catch as much as possible, remember to empty it regularly. You can then contact us during office hours and we will send a contractor to attend. If the leak is more substantial, such as a burst pipe or severe water ingress, locate the stop cock and turn off the water. Mop up all surface water as quickly as possible to prevent damage. Call the emergency number and we will arrange for a plumber to attend as soon as possible. If water the source of the water is from a property above you, let the neighbours upstairs know immediately and request that they turn off the source of the leak. If they are not in, leave them a note with your contact details and call your local Environmental Health Department (0131 529 3030 / 0131 200 2000) and ask for the water ingress team.

If we haven’t listed your specific emergency here, please use common sense before calling our emergency number. We are unable to respond to maintenance issues out of hours unless they are deemed an emergency.