Once your application (submitted using the application form on our website) has been approved by the landlord,  you will receive a link to start the referencing process.  In order to pass through referencing there are certain affordability criteria. For tenants, the criteria is a salary of 2.5 x the annual rent share. For guarantors, 3 x the annual rent share. If you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch with us.

At Dunpark, we have a duty of care to carry out a number of vetting checks to ensure the applicant’s suitability to let a property. As Managing Agents for our landlords, we have professional duties and legal obligations that we must abide by before we are able to allow a prospective tenant to enter into a tenancy.

There are several reasons why referencing is required, we have outlined the main reasons for you below:

* It is our legal responsibility, as professional agents for the landlord, to approve only those tenants who have been able to prove and document their capability to satisfactorily rent a property from us.

* It is a legal requirement under anti-money laundering regulations to verify and prove your identity as well as to confirm your suitability and financial capability as a suitable prospective tenant.

* It is an obligation to satisfy this process to a level that will satisfy the standards and requirements of a landlord’s rental insurance provider.

* It is a requirement for us to take a holistic view of all aspects of your application and ensure that all of your details and information cross refer correctly to each other, such as bank account statements, your current address, your income, pay slips, employment contract, bank account verification, ID document verification, credit score, independent rental affordability verification and so forth.

All applications are subject to our application and referencing process, when the full deposit has been received (cleared funds) we will exclusively hold the property for up to 5 working days. You may withdraw your application at any time up to the tenancy start date and you will be refunded any rent or deposit which you have paid.