One year on – where are we now?

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It’s been nearly a year since Dunpark launched its rebrand – both physically in our office transformation and online with our new website and more features than before. So how has the world changed since we relaunched? How have we changed?

This week, there are several articles talking about the increasing importance of technology to the modern agent. Consumers, in this case prospective landlords, tenants or investors, want a fast, easy letting experience – and more and more one that they can carry out from home. For example, say you were relocating from London to Edinburgh and needed to find a flat. In an ideal world of technology you could find the flat you like online, get a digital tour of the property, complete your application and referencing online and then step foot in the flat for the first time when your moving van arrives from London. Simple.

But, we have to ask ourselves – in this consumer driven approach to letting – aren’t we losing some of that personal touch? There has to be a balance between effectiveness and affection. It’s important to take the time to get to know your future tenants, landlords or investors. Because if you don’t know your consumers – how can you best help them?

We’ve tried to incorporate this balanced approach into our rebrand, and it’s a process that gets reworked on an ongoing basis. Recently we’ve made the decision to begin outsourcing our referencing and utilities, making more time for our landlords and tenants and embracing the technological supports that are already there. Our applications are now completed online and we soon hope to have a dedicated tenant and landlord log in area so we can give our clients access to their documents whenever they need them. But we’ve still maintained our personal touch. We like to meet our tenants and talk through their agreement with them before they sign. We take the time to visit every client’s property and give them an obligation free detailed report that uses all of our industry expertise to make the best recommendation for them.

The world of technology is forever hurtling forward, and so must every other industry move with it. But let’s not lose what makes us effective for the sake of perceived efficiency. We hope to retain some of the ‘traditional’ approaches to our clients, one that gives them a fast on the go service with a personal and personable touch. Call us to find out more.