At some point you may consider selling your property investment. We, as specialist agents, are uniquely placed to add value to the sales process. We offer a hassle-free sales service while your tenants are still in the property. The advantages for you on exit are: you receive rent up until the date of sale, there will be no void periods (meaning no empty property costs) and there is no need to dress the property (as you would for the open market). An added bonus is that the sales are ‘lock, stock and barrel’ – the full inventory contents are included.

Our selling strategy is two-pronged. Firstly, we promote to our world- wide investor network, built up over years of being a trusted name in Edinburgh. Secondly, to widen the marketing network, we capture attention by promoting the property on our website (featuring dedicated log-in for investors), in our city centre office, and through leading sales websites.

“The smart property investor has one eye on rental returns and the other eye on exiting to realise the investment” Emma Fursman, Managing Director.

If you’re thinking about selling your investment property, contact us.