Floorplans – a marketing must?

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It’s been a long standing tradition in the sales industry to enhance marketing with floorplans of properties. They’ve become an industry standard and help clients to make the most informed decision about whether or not a property is right for them from the moment a listing is viewed. With modern developments springing up all over the city, they are also key in identifying what the space you are investing in will look like long before it’s even built.


But what about the letting industry? Arguably, as consumer demand becomes more and more refined, floorplans in letting are shifting from being a ‘bonus’ marketing tool to be a marketing must. The same decision making processes that have helped investors and prospective owner/occupiers choose a property are also being applied to letting. Tenants now just as much as purchasers, want to know if the property is a strange shape, if the bedroom is next to the kitchen or where and how much storage there is. From an industry perspective, we can understand why. Not only are rents increasing, but for the most part, properties are becoming more high end as smart investors realise the benefit of a high end presentation of property. These elements combined mean that tenants are scrutinising their future home almost with the eye of an investor, and are often quick to dismiss a property listing outright if it doesn’t have a floorplan.


So can you avoid getting left out of the new letting marketing game? Always keeping our finger on the pulse of tenant tastes, as well as serving our landlords changing needs with our flexible services – we too offer professional 2D and 3D floorplans. We believe in the importance of these crucial letting marketing tools so much, we even added a dedicated floorplan tab on to our property listings.


Don’t get left behind, action a floorplan with us today – it’s a one off cost that lasts a lifetime and your property will reward you for it in the next marketing cycle!