7 Tips to Make The Most of Your Investment (For You and Your Tenant)

Are you thinking of making an investment in property in the near future? If so, we’ve designed a quick guide to help you make the best do-up decisions for you and your tenants.


1) A good bedframe. When considering how to furnish a bedroom, start with the position and size of the bed most suited to the room. Small rooms are more challenging, but some tricks can help you: divans are great as they often come with under bed storage, and if buying a wooden or metal bedframe, don’t get a footerVersion 3 as it shrinks the room and no one likes bruised shins in the middle of the night!


2) And mattress. The old landlord mentality of providing the cheapest available, springs poking through the scratchy polyester, is seriously outdated. Getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental to everyone, so invest well in a mattress and change it at least every five years.


3) The sofa is the new study. With everyone working from portable devices, it’s easier than ever to write an essay in the living room whilst watchVersion 4ing TV and probably online shopping too. Whilst the basic sofa ‘does the job’, if you are looking at the professional market, we advise upping your sofa game. It is the pivotal piece in any flat and when designing interiors packages, we always start with the sofa design and colours.


4) Thumbturn lock. This one isn’t glamorous, but it is important. From the simple frustration of not being able to find your keys when the postie calls to being a life line in the event of a fire, the thumbturn lock makes life easier and safer.

Version 2

5) Electric or mixer? Whatever you decide, don’t go for the cheapest brand. The advantage of electric is even if the boiler breaks down, you still have hot water (plus they aren’t as annoyingly loud as they used to be). The mixer shower with good water pressure is the more powerful option but without the pressure, you’ll need a pump. Remember, if you’re running a mixer on a combi boiler you’ll have non-stop hot water.


6) Bedroom blackouts. Curtains are notoriously expensive and fashion sensitive. However, that’s no reason to lose sleep. A blackout roller blind is an inexpensive option and with a thin dress curtain, can be a lovely finish to a room. For something more substantial, a blackout roman blind is a contemporary finishing touch. For Edinburgh tenements lucky enough to still have shutters, a simple dress curtain in a light fabric softens the room, particularly in unfurnished properties.


7) Decoration. There is a surprising amount of wood chip and anaglypta clinging to Scotland’s walls. Bite the bullet when making an investment and strip off the wallpaper. Set yourself up for a contemporary look because no amount of modern furniture will work against a dated backdrop. Time and time again we are told that tenants appreciate and look after properties with good decoration and finishings.


Remember, you’re buying an investment, but you’re creating a home.