5 Reasons Edinburgh is the best place to live (not just according to us)

Whether you’re living in Edinburgh or not – are you still searching for your perfect home? See if the place you’ve been looking for has been here all along!



Edinburgh crescent spring dunpark

We’ve all known it for some time, but now it’s official – Edinburgh is an amazing place to live. In a recent study by Deutsche Bank which looked at the quality of life, using a variety of measures, in over 47 cities around the world – we ranked second (even factoring in the weather). But is this really anything new? In a similar study carried out by the Telegraph last year, Edinburgh beat London in a race to be the best place to live in the UK, according to a poll of 75,000 people.


So what were the distinguishing features that keep Edinburgh appearing at the top of the list year after year? These were the top 5 things that make Edinburgh great, we’re inclined to agree!


1. Commuting – It doesn’t matter how much has been added to Netflix for the summer, no one likes a long commute. Lucky you if you live in Edinburgh as it’s reported to have some of the lowest commute times (that’s if the ‘you can walk anywhere in Edinburgh in 20 minutes’ rule doesn’t apply), The relatively short amount of time we spend travelling to and from our work definitely helps to improve the quality of life of its residents.


2. Property – Scoring sixth on property prices vs income, people living in Edinburgh tend to spend less of their income on rent than other parts of the UK meaning more for leisure activities, bars, restaurants and…well whatever you want really!


3. Health & Safety – No not that kind. Edinburgh scored second best overall for healthcare and tenth for safety, having the lowest reported crime rate in the UK.


4. Greenery – There’s no doubt Edinburgh is a pretty green city, ranking third lowest in pollution levels. Whether your style is hanging out on the meadows, strolling through the Botanics or venturing further afield into the hills that lie literally on our doorstep, there’s so many reasons to get out and enjoy the city!


5. Opportunities – There’s no one way to categorically define ‘the best place in the world’, but Edinburgh definitely seems to have a better promise of opportunity than many places in the UK. For young people looking to start a life here, high average wages, low commuting times and costs and more disposable income takes a lot of the stress out of our daily life. It’s also home to some of the country’s best bars and restaurants (if the many greener spaces aren’t enough for you!) but if that’s not your thing – stay indoors, Edinburgh’s broadband ranks in the top of the list for speed.


With everything it has to offer, it’s no surprise that Edinburgh has scored so well as one of the world’s best cities to live in.


But a city is more than the sum of its parts, it’s also about the space you call home – be it a swanky professional pad in one of the many new developments that have sprung up around the city, a New Town flat that lets you enjoy some of Edinburgh’s gorgeous historic architecture whilst writing your essays, or a classic Victorian family home set in one of the city’s many vibrant but serene suburbs.

We’ve got a home to suit every palette (even better that they’re most likely within walking distance of each other!). Check out our list of properties to rent or sell – be part of the best city in the UK.